Miss Isabella

About Me

My name is Isabella. I'm a sexy oriental spankee with a cute bottom that's ready to please.

I was born and raised in New York, but now I'm living in London. For our planned sessions, I can visit you or we can meet in a hotel.

I also travel often to New York, San Fran, and Houston. If you are in one of those cities, feel free to reach out to me.

I genuinely love to receive a good spanking, but I can also be a good switch. After all, I know how to hit to make it feel good. I can be tough or sensual. You may not enjoy my lashes, but it will leave you yearning for more.

  • ImageHeight: 5 foot 3
  • ImageWeight: 130 lbs
  • ImageEye Color: Brown
  • ImageHair Length: Medium
  • ImageCup size: B
What's Your Fantasy

Play Scenarios

Do you have any roleplaying fantasies? I have a few and I'm always open to trying new things. Tell me what you like, what turns you on, and what your deepest fantasies are. We can bring them to life together.

  • What do you want me to wear?
  • Is underwear allowed?
  • What position would you like me to take?
  • What if I disobey you?
  • Will you gag me?
  • Do you like to hear me beg?

Note: each session requires planning and time to get into the mood. Only one play scenario is recommended for each session.

  • Headmaster/Student
  • Boss/Secretary
  • Servant/Maid
  • Interrogator/Prisoner
  • Master/Slave
  • Owner/Pet


The pricing is calculated based on factors such as travel distance, session duration, and specific play requirements. Starting at £300, the price may vary depending on these considerations.

Tools of the trade



This one is super hot. I love to be disciplined, and corporal punishment is my wet dream. The ruler is rigid and hard, just like the rules a good girl must follow. Failing that, punishment comes down swiftly and hard until the improper behavior has been corrected. There are no negotiations and no mercy. After all, the rules are the rules and there are consequences to breaking them. A ruler keeps me in line.


A hand spanking can be playful. To me, it feels very intimate. This is not something done by a stranger. Getting spanked by someone with their hands lets me know that the other person cares about me too. There's love in teaching me a lesson.


The paddle is one of my favorites. I think the sound of it is so satisfying. A loud whack can give me a good scare sometimes. One can put a lot of strength behind a paddle. It's definitely not something to mess with.


A belt gets to the point. It gets the job done quick and dirty. Because it's so handy, it's therefore a good reminder to behave, always.

Ridding Crop

This is an interesting piece. I have never been spanked with a ridding crop but I always wanted to try it. There's a humiliation aspect of it, and in the right setting, that could be super hot. Deep down, I want to be tamed, be trained, and be made into something useful to my master.


This one is classic. The cane produces a sharp pain that no other implements can replicate. It is a tool that requires a lot of experience and technique. This is the only thing that has ever brought me to tears. In the hands of a skilled punisher, a lot can be achieved in a short session.

An experienced disciplinarian can produce welts that are thinly spaced out and don't overlap. The cane can cut and overlapping can easily cause the skin to break. It takes a lot of practice to maximize the pain without breaking the skin. If I can meet someone who can do that, I'll be in luck.


The whip is a powerful symbol. It demands nothing less than unquestioned obedience. A whip can not only correct bad behavior, but it can also put someone in their proper place.

Keep It Safe

Hard Rules

  • no sexual services or sexual contact
  • no uninvited guests
  • no phone or any kind of recording devices
  • no breakage of skin
  • all donations, play acts, implements, and number of stokes must be determined before the session